MUSKEGON TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — Dogs that were found during an investigation into an alleged dog fighting ring in Muskegon County are healing at a local shelter.

On Friday, the Muskegon Heights Police Department executed a search warrant on four residents in Muskegon Heights and one in Norton Shores in connection to the dogfighting ring. Three people were arrested on dogfighting charges and the other person had a previous warrant for their arrest.

Lana Carson, the director of Pound Buddies animal shelter in Muskegon, said the conditions that the dogs were found in were “not ideal.”

She added that they have various degrees of healing wounds but they have been doing well at the shelter so far.

“As we’re taking these dogs out, we have not had an issue with any of these dogs. These are literally some of the sweetest dogs you’ll ever meet. When we are handling them and cleaning their kennels, they’re just sitting in our lap soaking up all the attention, so for everything they’ve been through they’re doing remarkably well,” Carson said.

Pound Buddies is teaming with the organization Bark Nation to determine how to further care for the dogs and exactly what their future may be.

Carson said she hopes to see the dogs eventually find new homes.

“That would be ideal, that these dogs would have a second chance. So that’s what we’re hoping for, again the process has to play out. So we just want make sure that these dogs, while they’re in our care are taken care of and that whatever the outcome is, that these dogs are now safe and appropriately homed,” Carson said.

She also told News 8 that bringing in the dogs will strain resources including food, kennels and vet bills. Pound Buddies is asking the community for help, primarily with monetary donations.

Anyone with more information on the alleged dog fighting ring is encouraged to contact the Muskegon Heights Police Department at 231.733.8900 or Silent Observer at 231.722.7463.