MUSKEGON HEIGHTS, Mich. (WOOD) — The Muskegon Heights City Council failed to reach quorum for a second meeting in a row Monday night, so no business could be conducted.

The failure to meet quorum came the day before the contract of Muskegon Heights City Manager Troy Bell expires. The council voted 4-3 on Jan. 23 to fire him.

No plans were made for his replacement during the council’s meeting on Jan. 24, as it failed to reach quorum then, too.

There are currently no plans to fill the position.

In addition to Bell’s departure, the mayor announced the city attorney will be leaving on Feb. 1.

The city is also missing a finance manager, an assessor and a human resources department.

Council members and residents expressed their disappointment during the meeting.

“We are obligated today. We are without a city manager, we are without a finance director, we are without an accessor … and we are without an attorney. So if we don’t think that this is serious? This is serious business,” said Mayor Pro Tem Ronald Jenkins. “Today, we should have been here to be able to start reacting on the decision and the votes that we have made. It doesn’t matter which way the votes went. At the end of the day, we have to start making decisions to move forward.”

The city’s next official meeting is Feb. 13. Some council members expressed the possibility of holding another meeting before that date.

— New 8’s Madalyn Buursma contributed to this report.