MUSKEGON, Mich. (WOOD) — Water is still covering the roads in a Muskegon neighborhood after last week’s big storm. 

Residents living near Edgewater Street and Wilcox Avenue in the Beachwood-Bluffton neighborhood say they’ve been dealing with the issue for months, but the storm last week was some of the worst they’d seen all year.

Water from the Muskegon Lake was covering streets, lawns and pushing into crawl spaces. 

“In the past few weeks, we’ve seen a huge storm surge from Lake Michigan that put this area six to eight inches under water,” Jack Page, a neighborhood resident said.

Page has lived in the neighborhood for over 20 years. 

Much of the water has since receded, but some neighbors say they’re worried about what will happen as the season progresses. Some are concerned their homes can’t take more water damage.

“Some people are in disaster mode,” Page said. “A lot of these houses don’t have basements because of the water table, so all of their heating and cooling is in the crawl space, and as the water rose up, it’s now gone.”

The city says they’ve been using pumps to keep things dry, but it’s difficult to keep up with the frequent storm surges. They’ve also provided sand bags and raised a portion of the road temporarily. They say elevating the bottom portion of Edgewater Street is not an option because the houses are too low.

The city says they’ve also been in contact with the Muskegon Department of Emergency Management about when and if they can make official declarations of disaster.

Residents say they need a solution fast.

“We’re not worried — we’re already seeing the effects,” Page said.” I think we may need to see some long-term re-engineering to some of the streets for drainage,” Page said. 

Th city says in the meantime, they plan to keep pumping and patching the road as the weather allows.