Muskegon Co. high schoolers get lesson on marijuana

Muskegon County

MUSKEGON, Mich. (WOOD) — Friday marked April 20, better known the cannabis culture as 420, the code for lighting up. 

The debate continues over whether marijuana is a good drug that should be legal and regulated, or a bad drug to be avoided.

On Friday in Muskegon County, a prosecutor, former cop, employer and a former user all gathered to warn high school students about what they may be getting into if they use marijuana.

“Today’s all about really just providing some education to our young people,” said Muskegon County Prosecutor D.J. Hilson.

The talk, Shattering the Marijuana Myths, was aimed at the teens sitting in the Orchard View High School auditorium.

Shattering Marijuana Myths was less Refer Madness, the 1930s-era film that warned toking up could drive you mad, more on what the group considers more realistic consequences.

“The impact it could have on young people in their decision-making process, as it relates to, whether it be college, athletic even entering the workforce.,” Hilson said.

There were also discussions on the likelihood of a young person moving on to harder, more addictive drugs.

One participant, who claimed he was a former gang member, talked about what he had witnessed over time.

“Every single person that I’ve ever met who’s done crack cocaine or heroin or meth, every single person started out smoking marijuana,” they said.

Friday was the second in a series of Shatter the Myth programs.

“I’m hoping that the way we’ve tailored the message today, which is about making choices,” said Hilson. “And really, it’s about having the information in front of you before we make those choices.”

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