MUSKEGON, Mich. (WOOD) — A Muskegon city commissioner was arrested for allegedly driving while drunk.

Muskegon City Commissioner Michael Ramsey was arrested Wednesday, according to a report from the Muskegon Police Department obtained by News 8. It happened around 1:40 a.m. in the area of Sanford Street and Strong Avenue.

An officer driving southbound on Third Street saw a SUV drive through two intersections that had four-way stop signs, the police report says. The document says the driver started speeding after the second intersection. After turning right at the intersection of Sanford Street and Strong Avenue, the vehicle made a 180-degree turn.

The officer pulled the driver, Michael Ramsey, over. Ramsey told the officer he had had two or three drinks about an hour before, according to the report.

The officer noted in the report that Ramsey was slurring his words and showed signs of intoxication during the sobriety tests. He refused a preliminary breath test.

Ramsey was brought to the county jail, where a blood test was performed. The results of those blood tests are not yet known.

He was cited for preliminary breath test refusal and operating while intoxicated, the police report says.