MUSKEGON HEIGHTS, Mich. (WOOD) — Plaster in the Martin Luther King Elementary auditorium fell on Tuesday.

It happened around 12:10 p.m. Firefighters were called about a “loud boom with a haze” in the school, the Muskegon Heights Fire Department said in a Facebook post.

After investigating, firefighters found that a section of plaster fell in the auditorium, which was closed for repair. The plaster made a loud noise, the fire department said.

Because of the noise, staff implemented emergency procedures and brought students to a nearby church, fire officials say.

“There was no danger to students, visitors, or staff from the falling plaster in the auditorium. The auditorium area is secured, and we are waiting for approval from the State to begin repairs,” the fire department said in the Facebook post. “Students and staff flawlessly followed established emergency procedures, despite the rain. A big thank you goes to our mutual aid partners, who helped assure the safety of students and staff.”