MUSKEGON, Mich. (WOOD) — Administrators rally around a program at Oakridge High School that rewards good behavior with a new set of wheels.

It’s called the Ride with Pride program. It started six years ago.

The school’s principal, Jason McVoy, said a former Mona Shores police officer introduced it to his school. As part of the program, students can sign a contract that mandates perfect attendance, good behavior and a pledge to stay out of trouble with law enforcement.

McVoy said administrators recognize kids who are on the right track throughout the year, but the grand prize comes at the end of the year. That’s when educators randomly select five upperclassmen and five lowerclassmen, who then enter a chance to win a car or a moped. The students will draw keys from a hat during an end-of-the-year assembly, but only one will start the Subaru, and the other will start the scooter.

“It just highlights it and makes a big deal about making good choices all the way around, not only at school but also at home and in the community,” said McVoy.

McVoy said workers at My Auto Imports donated the Subaru and money from the school will fund the purchase of the scooter.

About 90 percent of McVoy’s students have willingly signed on to participate in the Ride with Pride program.