MUSKEGON, Mich. (WOOD) — City and environmental leaders gathered at Muskegon Lake Tuesday to celebrate the completion of cleanup efforts.

“We’re celebrating an exciting milestone, all the projects necessary for the cleanup of the Muskegon Lake area of concern are finally complete,” Great Lakes National Program Director Debra Shore said.

Muskegon Mayor Ken Johnson, along with state and national environmental program directors, met at heritage landing. The mayor said it used to be underwater but it was then filled in by the logging industry. It was then used as an industrial scrapyard where people would dump waste.

Muskegon Lake was declared an “area of concern” in 1987 and cleanup efforts started soon after, the Environmental Protection Agency said in a release. Those cleanup efforts have included several projects throughout the years.

“While such industry created jobs and supported thousands of families who made their homes here, it resulted in tremendous damage to our ecosystems, not only to the environment and wildlife but to the health of our residents as well,” Johnson said.