MUSKEGON, Mich. (WOOD) — A dog is safe Friday after two Muskegon courthouse workers helped rescue the 30-pound pup earlier this week.

Lana Carson, the shelter director at Pound Buddies, said it took her staff and the two women more than an hour to rescue the dog after it became lodged under a shipping container at a nearby construction site.

“She’s still very skittish. But she’s been up here for a bit, so she’s starting to relax and get comfortable around us,” Alicia Rios, the shelter’s manager, said.

Rios and the two area workers used a coffee cup and a makeshift hook to dig the dog out. While they do not know the actual name of the young dog, they have given her the nickname of Courtni because she was found by the courthouse.

“She literally was not budging at all, and we did become a little concerned at that point because it was weird that she wasn’t moving when she was moving before when she was on the other side of the container,” Carson said.

Courtni was found with a harness on, but there was no identification tag. She is also not microchipped.

“Hopefully, her family will come forward, but if not, we’ll hold her for four more days, and then she will be put up for adoption,” she said.

Michigan stray hold law requires shelters to hold animals who came in without any identification for four days and those with identification seven days before they are put up for adoption.

Rios said Courtni is likely less than a year old. She seems to be in good health but is still a bit nervous in her new environment.