MUSKEGON, Mich. (WOOD) — A new marina could be on its way to Muskegon Lake.

Parkland Properties Grand Rapids is currently working to develop the Terrace Point Dry Marina. They plan to build the marina on a 23-acre plot of land near to the Shoreline Inn hotel. Parkland currently owns and manages the hotel.

Parkland also developed The Lakehouse Waterfront Grille and an existing traditional marina in the same area. The new marina would serve as an addition.

“Rack storage is a very popular way to provide access to Lake Michigan and lakes and rivers connected to Lake Michigan,” said Jonathan Rooks, who is the owner and founder of Parkland Properties.

Rooks says the marina is currently in the design phase. They hope to be able to store up to 300 boats. The dry marina would use forklifts to get boats in and out of the water. The boats can then be stored year-round in the heated garage-like area.

The difference between a traditional marina and the dry marina is the dry marina uses less space to store more vehicles. Parkland Properties says they developed a similar project near Grand Haven, The Wharf Marina.

“After we expanded Grand Haven and filled it up quickly, we thought the next logical step would be to do the racks in-and-out storage in downtown Muskegon,” Rooks said.

The project is estimated to cost some $4 million, but Rooks said it could eventually cost upward of $10 million when including a town home project.

Parkland Properties says the marina is likely at least a year out from completion, but their goal is to have it finished as soon as possible to help Muskegon continue developing.