MUSKEGON, Mich. (WOOD) — The Muskegon Fire Department said it knows where a marina fire broke out that damaged many boats and the building that housed them.

While fire detectives are still investigating what caused a fire at Safe Harbor Great Lakes Marina in Muskegon on March 6, they say they have determined the “area of origin,” according to a Wednesday release. They did not release a description of the boat or the name of its owner.

At the time of the fire, Muskegon Fire Deputy Chief Jay Paulson said firefighters had a hard time to get to the burning boat because it was “almost right in the middle of the boat lane.”

Three other boats were seriously damaged in the fire, but all of the 150 boats in the building were affected, whether it be heat, water or smoke damage.

Access to the building has been restricted as crews work on environmental cleanup inside and repair the fire suppression system.

Several private investigators and insurance representatives will be examining the site because of the value and number of boats affected, the fire department said. They are setting a date of examination where all will work together to determine a cause.

Firefighters said they couldn’t immediately provide an exact estimate of cost of damages because of it will be hard to calculate. Damage to the building, suppression system and boats and environmental cleanup of the building and the marina all must be taken into account, Muskegon Fire Department said.

On the day of the fire, Paulson said, “They are larger, more pricey boats. It’s going to be well over a million dollars’ worth of damage.”

The fire department said because of the actions of its firefighters, mutual aid and a properly operating suppression system, the damage to the building and other boats was “minimal.”