LEROY TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — Michigan State Police are investigating the suspicious death of a Calhoun County woman.

MSP sources confirmed to 24 Hour News 8 the victim is 74-year-old Phyllis Lutz of Leroy Township.

Investigators went to Lutz’ home, located in the 10000 block of 4 Mile Road in Leroy Township, south of Battle Creek. Her body was found buried on the property, according to MSP.

Church friends of Lutz contacted the Calhoun County Sheriff’s Office after they had not seen or heard from her since September 2018. MSP Lt. Chuck Christensen said investigators believe Lutz died around that time.

Police have named Lutz’ daughter a person of interest in the case. A source close to the investigation says Lutz’ daughter is 45-year-old Marcia Lutz.

“I would call it suspicious due to the nature of what we have, but to raise it to a higher criminal level than what we have right now, we have to wait and see,” said Christensen.

But Marcia Lutz isn’t waiting. She posted on Facebook Thursday night, calling out the friends who asked police to check on her mom. 

“…what the HELL kind of monster do you think I am? DO YOU REALLY THINK I WOULD HURT HER? I may be a lot of things but I WOULD NEVER IN A MILION YEARS HURT HER. I am so angry and upset that I am shaking,” the post stated.

However, police are taking no chances.

“We’re going to do an investigation, do a police report,” said Christensen.  “That report will be reviewed by the prosecutor’s office, and then the prosecutor will make a determination if charges will be filed.”

Police still aren’t sure how Phyllis Lutz died.  They say she was elderly and suffering from some medical issues before her death.  Even if Lutz died of natural causes, police say, it’s a crime to just bury a body.

Christensen says Marcia Lutz is cooperating with police.