GREENVILLE, Mich. (WOOD) — Dozens called 911 after an explosion at a Greenville auto parts plant Friday night.

The explosion at Dicastal was heard around Greenville, prompting frantic 911 calls. Dispatch quickly sent several fire departments to the plant, where one person was severely burned. 

News 8 obtained recordings of the 911 calls to the Montcalm County Central Dispatch Authority on the night of the explosion.

“Montcalm County 911, where is your emergency?” a dispatcher asked one caller.

“Yes, I’m at Dicastal. We just heard an explosion,” the caller said.

“You’ve got what at Dicastal?” the dispatcher asked.

“An explosion back by maintenance, same place it always is. It just blew. It was a big blow,” the caller, a Dicastal employee, said.

Call after call came in, first by employees inside the plant.

“I’m at Dicastal North America, and it sounded like we had an explosion back in the melt. The building is on fire. We are evacuating right now,” an employee said.  

“OK, we got numerous calls coming in right now,” a dispatcher said.

More calls came in from neighbors in the area.

“Bad explosion,” a nearby resident said in a 911 call.

“Yes, we’ve got several calls in at Dicastal,” the dispatcher said. 

“OK, well, I wasn’t sure. We can see it from our house,” the caller said.

One person called to confirm first responders were at Dicastal.

“I live right next to Dicastal. There was a big boom,” another resident said.

“We’ve got them on the way,” the dispatcher said.

Damage to the Dicastal North America auto parts plant in Greenville after an explosion.
Damage to the Dicastal North America auto parts plant in Greenville after an explosion.

The explosion was seen up close by some.

“I’m right across the street at Formos, and there was just an explosion in the back,” a person told the dispatcher. 

“OK, I am going to get to Greenville en route. We do have several calls on this,” the dispatcher said. 

Some calls came pouring in from miles away. 

“My wife was sitting in the living room and saw a red light,” one resident said.  

“Yep, we’ve got an explosion at Dicastal. We are already heading that way,” the dispatcher said.

The calls to 911 Friday night included employees trying to help an injured worker.

“Is this about the Dicastal?” a dispatcher asked one caller. 

“Yes, we got a person burnt pretty bad here … at Dicastal. I need immediate attention, please,” an employee said.

“It’s one of our port guys. I have no idea if he is middle-aged,” another employee who called in said.

“How much of him is burned?” asked the dispatcher. 

“The upper part of his body is bad,” the worker replied. 

Worried family members waiting to find out if their loved one was OK also called in.

“Hi, I am (at) Dicastal. I was sitting outside, and like it just blew up in there. My husband is in there,” one woman said. 

“OK, you said Dicastal? Yes. OK, yes, it looks like we’ve got several calls. We’re getting them en route, OK?” a dispatcher told her.

News 8 reached out to Dicastal by phone but has not heard back. We also reached out to several companies that utilize products from Dicastal. Nissan Group of Americas said the explosion at Dicastal had no impact on their operations.