ROCKFORD, Mich. (WOOD) — Gov. Gretchen Whitmer was in Rockford Friday, talking to parents, teachers and administrators about the new school year and their expectations and concerns.

Many of those who attended expressed their approval for Michigan’s largest school aid bill ever passed and the corresponding hike in the per-pupil funding increase. Some talked about the continuing recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and how schools are still trying to catch up.

One other area of concern was school safety. The governor said that there needs to be more attention to that subject.

“It’s long overdue time that we have a conversation about some common-sense ways to keep kids safe in our schools, keep our educators safe in our schools,” Whitmer said. “Yes, we have made a $250 million investment in infrastructure, school infrastructure, across Michigan. Mind you, I proposed a billion-dollar investment. $250 million is significant but I think we can and must do more and that includes looking at things like common-sense gun safety measures like background checks and red flag laws and secure storage requirements.”

The governor has been visiting schools around the state talking about the funding bill she signed earlier this summer as well as listening to concerns.