ALPINE TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — The West Michigan apple crop is expected to see a significant drop for this year’s harvest.

Schweitzer Orchards near Sparta is anticipating a yield between 50% to 60%.

Nick Schweitzer, the operations manager, says the weather has had an impact on the crop.          

“Some varieties didn’t have much bloom, so that means there’s a little lower amount of fruit as well as some frost that we had this spring that killed off some flowers and damaged some fruit,” Schweitzer said.

Amy Irish-Brown, an educator with Michigan State Extension in Grand Rapids, says overall numbers will be down across the state, but there will still be plenty of apples.

“Our crop is normally 24, 25 million bushels. This year, the crop estimate came out a few weeks ago; it was 18.25 (million),” Brown said.

Certain varieties may not be around late into the season. Some types of apples put in storage may not be available in January and February like in previous years.

Prices could also be higher for varieties with a lower supply. 

“The one that people probably really like is Honey Crisp,” Brown said. “There’s still Honey Crisp out on trees, there just might be maybe half of a crop.”

The yields vary depending on the weather at each orchard and the type of apple grown.

Farmers recommend those who prefer a variety that is more limited this year to buy them early in the season.