LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — It was a regular day in November at Curvaceous Lingerie in Lansing’s Old Town until a grown buck smashed through the front door of the store, shattering glass in his trail.

It happened Nov. 4. The deer ran around the store, destroying lingerie display stands and two changing rooms. One person was trying on clothes when he entered the dressing room area — but luckily, the door to the changing room was closed.

The unhappy visitor ran around the lingerie store until he became trapped in a corner, trying to break out through a front window. Ultimately, a worker at the store was able to usher him back out through the door.

The deer appeared to be cut and bleeding from the broken glass.

Store representatives said they’re unsure whether he left with any merchandise, but one of the workers said there might be a buck running around Lansing wearing bras on its antlers.

The deer was last seen on East César E. Chávez Avenue in Old Town.

Some people at the store said the deer had smelled a bit funny and could be sick. Anyone who saw it was asked to contact the Department of Natural Resources or find a DNR-licensed rehabilitator.

Surveillance video at Curvaceous Lingerie showed the deer’s rampage from both a direct angle (at top) and a side angle.