REPUBLIC, Mich. (WJMN) — It’s not common but not totally unheard of occurrence in the Upper Peninsula: a moose sighting.

On Tuesday night, a pair of moose could be seen feeding near M-95 in Republic, which is north of Iron Mountain. The moose were out grazing on whatever food they could find following a week of warmer temperatures melted much of the winter snowpack.

If you happen to spot a moose, keep your distance. The Department of Natural Resources requests that you report sightings, which you can do online.

In 2022, the DNR issued a cautionary advisory after numerous moose were hit by vehicles.

“Many people driving in the U.P. see moose and many people stop to look and take pictures, especially during the summer travel season,” John Pepin, Michigan Department of Natural Resources deputy public information officer said. “Folks doing this need to remember to pull safely off onto the shoulder of the road, watch for passing traffic and keep a safe distance from these wild animals.”

Moose are native to Michigan but their populations have gone through some changes over the years. You can learn more through the DNR here.