EVART, Mich. (WOOD) — The U.S. Geological Survey is watching water levels near Nestle’s water bottling operation near Evart.

The USGS is monitoring in Twin Creek and Chippewa Creek near White Pine Springs and groundwater in the area.

Nestle Waters North America, which has faced backlash from neighbors and environmentalists over a plan to pump more groundwater for its Ice Mountain plant, says it asked the USGS to start looking at the water levels.

“Some have raised questions regarding the impact of our operations on the environment,” Nestlé Waters North America Natural Resource Manager Arlene Anderson-Vincent said in a Wednesday statement. “While we are confident in the sustainability of our operations, we have asked a respected, third-party scientific agency to conduct their own monitoring. We are optimistic that this additional independent data collection will provide valuable information to the public about Twin and Chippewa Creeks.

The data the USGS collects is being posted online.