GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — With the severe weather and flooding West Michigan experienced this week, property insurance has likely been top of mind for many.

According to S&P Global Market data, homeowners can expect to see their insurance premiums rise significantly this year.

News 8 talked with attorney Dante Weston, a founding partner of Donaldson & Weston, a legal firm that specializes in insurance, accidents  and liability cases. He provided tips on how to lower your property insurance rates. 

Weston says it’s important to negotiate with your current insurer. Some are known to provide discounts for loyal customers.

He says it is also a good idea to compare rates to try and figure out the best value for your insurance dollar.

Weston also says it’s a good idea to improve your credit when you can, because many states use a credit-based insurance score in their pricing of homeowners’ insurance premiums.

Finally, he says some customers may be able to bundle their homeowners and auto coverage from the same company to provide more savings. 

For the full conversation with Dante Weston, watch the video in the player above.