GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Summer typically means we turn on the air conditioning and take a road trip at some point. So how much should you expect to pay this summer for your energy and gasoline needs?

A summer energy outlook from the Michigan Public Service Commission predicted that compared to last year, you might pay less overall this summer for your energy needs. 

The report acknowledged that the price of energy has gone up, but the forecast showed a decline in home energy demand, so your overall bill likely won’t go up. 

We may also see an increase in demand for natural gas this summer that could stretch into the fall. This is because more electric companies are switching from coal to natural gas. 

When filling up your car, you might find that gasoline prices are going down. The forecast predicted that the decrease will be about $0.86 lower per gallon and an average of about $3.19 per gallon for all of 2023. 

The Department of Energy and the commission have some tips to help keep your energy bill low this summer. They include turning off your fans when you are not in the room, avoiding turning up your thermostat to a colder setting than usual when you first turn it on and turning your thermostat down when you leave the house. 

The commission also has services for anyone who needs help with energy costs.