GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — The Michigan Chapter of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention is hosting “a program a day in May,” working to offer information and resources to as many people as possible.

“May is Mental Health Awareness Month,” Jane Trestain, a Michigan chapter board member, said. “We came up with a plan to have a program a day throughout the month of May available to everyone…”

There are in-person options, though most of the sessions are virtual. There will be several iterations of the foundation’s “Talk Saves Lives” program, including special focuses for LGBTQ people, seniors, parents and gun owners.

“That is where people can learn about different warning signs and things that they can look for to see, one, if someone is struggling and, two, some steps to take and how to approach them, things to say, things to not say in order to help them get some assistance and help them from either being in a crisis or help them hopefully get out of the crisis that they’re in,” Trestain said.

Other programs discuss recognizing depression, supporting mental health for college students and advocacy, among other topics.

Information about the May sessions can be found on the chapter’s website.