GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Michigan’s Unemployment Insurance Agency reports that within a recent three-day period, over 10,000 fake claims were filed.

Fraudsters regularly try to test the Michigan UIA’s computer system by submitting fake claims to try to receive money they don’t deserve, according to a release from the Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity. To do this, criminals steal personal information from Michiganders and residents across the U.S. then make claims in many states.

In late July, there was an eight-day stretch where there were more claims than usual, the UIA reports. That was capped off with a spike of over 10,000 attempted filings over a three-day period. The UIA says the scam did not work and no money was paid to the fraudsters.

Michigan UIA uses proprietary anti-fraud software and checks national databases to verify identities in order to stop fake attempts.

“Our team spotted the large number of attempts right away and put a stop to any further action on these false claims. Thieves should know Michigan is not a state where you will get away with stealing from deserving citizens, but one where you will be caught and held accountable to the fullest extent of the law,” said UIA Director Julia Dale in a release from the state.

When the UIA detects a fraudulent claim, no payment is made and a letter is sent to the person whose identity was stolen. If you receive a letter like this or believe someone has stolen your identity to submit a false unemployment claim, visit the State of Michigan website and report the fraud. Employers who believe there has been a fraudulent claim can fill out an Employer Report of Identity Theft and submit it electronically.