LANSING, Mich. (WOOD) — The eyes of law enforcement are on the state Capitol over concerns about armed protests this weekend.

However, it’s still unclear who is organizing the Lansing or who even plans on attending. After last week’s attack in D.C., a flier began to circulate on social media that promoted armed protests set for noon on Sunday at state Capitols across the country.

The flier doesn’t specify who or what group is behind the protests.

News 8 contacted several right-wing and militia groups. All of them stated they are not planning on attending Sunday’s protests and are urging members to stay home.

“We are urging them (our followers) not to show up to whatever this planned event is on Sunday,” said Rachel Atwood of the West Michigan-based conservative group Restore Freedom.

Atwood says they only heard about the protest through a viral social media post, urging people to show up armed.

“We’ve reached out and communicated with every leadership organization that’s associated with Trump, patriots, conservatives, anti-mandates and none of these groups had anything to do with the planning of this, which greatly concerns us,” Atwood said.

The founders of the American Patriot Council, a group that spearheaded some of the biggest armed protests to take place at the Capitol this past year, told News 8 they will be sitting this one out too.

A like-minded group called the Tyrant Response Team of Michigan will also be a no show come Sunday. The group’s leadership said it was “suspicious that no one seems to know who’s organizing the demonstration.”

Atwood has the same concern.

“This looks like this is a setup. This looks like this is a group that is potentially just looking for Trump supporters that they can antagonize or draw into conflict at our Capitol,” Atwood said.

The Southeast Michigan Volunteer Militia had planned to attend the protest but now is telling its members to avoid the Capitol.

“Nobody can guarantee exactly what other groups are going to be doing and what are their intentions,” said Wendy Lackomar of the group.