Rising cases of children exposed to weed edibles

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GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — The Michigan Poison Center at Wayne State University says they’re seeing an unintended consequence of marijuana legalization in Michigan.

Officials say they’re seeing an increase in calls regarding children under the age of 18 who have been exposed to marijuana in the form of edibles. 

Edibles being THC-infused food products in some shape or form like; brownies, chocolate, gummy candies among other forms.

In 2017, the center received 104 pediatric calls related to marijuana exposure, and of those calls only six had to do with edibles. In 2018, the number has jumped to 46.

So far this year, the number has risen to 59 cases. The center’s chief medical officer says a bulk of the calls made this year are for children under the age of six or teens.

Doctor Andy King, director of the Wayne State toxicology fellowship program says the uptick likely has to do with the legalization of recreational marijuana which passed November 2018.

King believes now that the drug is more readily available, especially in the form of cookies, brownies, candy and the like, it’s easier and more likely that children will get their hands on them.

Edibles, King explains, are often much more potent than smoking the drug. 

Medical professionals say the best thing to do is to make sure all drugs including prescription drugs, are safety locked away to make sure kids and anyone else who shouldn’t have them, can’t. 

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