GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Is it time to legalize recreational marijuana in Michigan? Some state lawmakers say yes.

The idea of legalizing recreational pot is nothing new, but supporters say the public’s attitude about it is improving. But just because some attitudes may have changed doesn’t mean everyone agrees.

State Rep. Brandon Dillon says there is a good case for making pot legal.

“Other states have legalized, heavily regulated and taxed marijuana,” the Grand Rapids Democrat said. “It hasn’t been a panacea for all their problems, but it hasn’t turned into a zombie apocalypse, as some people thought it would — where crime rates would skyrocket and people would be walking around smoking marijuana all day every day. That’s just not the case. What’s happened is crime rates have actually dropped in areas, states that have legalized marijuana. You’ve seen drunken driving incidents go down significantly and those states have been able to collect significant amounts of revenue to be able to fund other priorities.”

Don’t look for anything to happen quickly on legalization given everything else that’s going on in Lansing from roads to budgets to no-fault auto insurance reform to energy to criminal justice reform.

Still, it’s worth keeping an eye on attempts to put a legalization proposal on the ballot as early as next year. Supporters say a public vote is the most likely way the issue will proceed.