CORUNNA, Mich. (WLNS) — Officials in charge of a decades-old cold case in Shiawassee County are thankful their renewed investigative push is garnering fresh leads.

The case of Matthew Leach dates back to July 24, 1992, when Leach went missing after meeting his ex-girlfriend around 10 p.m. at the Colonial Coney Island in Flint.

After the two met, Leach reportedly walked away from her and was not seen again until a week later, when hunters found his body in a secluded wooded area near M-21 and Reed Road in Venice Township.

One month later after they reopened the case, officials said things are heading in the right direction.

“We have interviewed many more witnesses than they did in the past,” Shiawassee County Sheriff Douglas Chapman said. “We are confident that someone is going to talk.”

Chapman said that’s not all: The reward for answers increased by more than $3,000 thanks to the help of family and others.

“I’m very pleased that Crime Stoppers has now stepped in. The reward is now $7,500 for any information leading to an arrest and a conviction,” Chapman said.

The incentive is all for the family’s closure, including 83-year-old father Herb Leach, Sr.

“He hasn’t been forgotten,” Leach said. “His mother was hoping it would be solved before she passed. But I know she knows now.”

The past six sheriff’s offices have conducted their investigations and interviews but were unable to crack the case.

Chapman said any time is the right time to come forward.

“If you have been interviewed in the past and perhaps lied because of being in fear — do not worry,” Chapman said.

Though officials aren’t able to go into specifics of how far they’ve come and where things stand, they’re assuring the community that maximum effort is being put into the case and are confident it will be solved.

“I really feel that with the age of this case that someone may feel guilty and want to give us the help we need to solve it,” Chapman said.

Chapman is asking anyone who knows something about the incident to come forward and call the sheriff’s office at 989.743.3411.