EAST LANSING, Mich. (WOOD/WLNS) — Michigan State University police have released a more detailed timeline surrounding the deadly Feb. 13 shooting on campus.

In a news release Thursday, MSU police provided a timeline for Feb. 13 and Feb. 14, starting with when the shooter, 43-year-old Anthony McRae, first arrived on campus. The times labeled with an asterisk were discovered during the investigation and were not known by authorities at the time of the shooting, according to MSU police.

*7:19 p.m.: McRae exits the bus at the Grand River/Berkey Hall bus stop. 

*7:24 p.m.: McRae walks eastbound on Grand River Ave in front of Broad Art Museum. 

*7:26 p.m.: McRae walks northeast across Grand River Avenue. 

*8:12 p.m.: McRae walks westbound in front of Broad Art Museum. 

8:18 p.m.: First shots fired call at Berkey Hall received by Ingham County 911.  

8:19 p.m.: Officers were dispatched to Berkey Hall by Ingham County 911. 

*8:19 p.m.: McRae is seen walking westbound along Grand River Ave in front of Ramp 6. 

8:20 p.m.: First officers arrive at Berkey Hall.  

*8:23 p.m.: McRae fires one shot while walking from Berkey to the Union. 

*8:24 p.m.: McRae enters the Union.  

8:26 p.m.: First report of shooting at the Union.  

*8:26 p.m.: McRae exits the Union and leaves campus.  

8:27 p.m.: Officers were dispatched to the Union by Ingham County 911. 

8:27 p.m.: Officers arrive at the Union.  

8:30 p.m.: First MSU Alert sent, instructions given to shelter-in-place. 

8:31 p.m.: Second MSU Alert sent, instructions given to shelter-in-place. 

*9:14 p.m.: A person matching the description is seen walking northbound on Harrison near Grand River Avenue  

10:04 p.m.: MSU Alert sent, the suspect description given. 

10:54 p.m.: MSU Alert sent, instructions to monitor alert.msu.edu for more information. 

11:02 p.m.: First news conference takes place. 

11:18 p.m.: Photo of McRae shared on MSU DPPS social media.  

11:33 p.m.: MSU Alert sent, the more descriptive suspect description given. 

11:35 p.m.: Ingham County 911 receives call of person matching the description walking on Lake Lansing Road near High Street in Lansing. 

11:49 p.m.: Officers approach a person matching the description and he completes suicide with a gun. 

12:20 a.m.: MSU DPPS confirms the deceased person matching the description as McRae with the public. 

12:25 a.m.: Second news conference takes place. 

12:27 a.m.: MSU Alert sent, shelter-in-place lifted. 

12:28 a.m.: MSU DPPS posts to social media that shelter-in-place is lifted. 

1:07 a.m.: MSU Alert sent, bus service information for reunification center. 

1:35 a.m.: Third news conference takes place. 

8:02 a.m.: Fourth news conference takes place. 

12:12 p.m.: News release disseminated.

MSU police also released a map showing McRae’s nearly 5-mile route after he left campus.

Three students were killed in the shooting: Arielle Anderson, Brian Fraser and Alexandria Verner. Five other students were injured; all have been released from the hospital.


The update included more information about McRae’s guns: Investigators said he had a Hi-Point C-9 9mm handgun that he bought Sept. 7, 2021 and a Taurus G3 9mm handgun, which he bought on Oct. 5, 2021.

Police say McRae only used the Taurus on the night of Feb. 13. He had 136 rounds of loose ammunition in his backpack and an extra loaded magazine in his jacket.

Investigators found 14 bullet casings at Berkey Hall, where the first shots were fired, and three at the Union. They also say McRae fired one shot outside while walking from Berkey to the Union.

McRae bought the handguns using a Michigan Identification Card and a Social Security Card. They were purchased legally — McRae had no prior convictions that would have prevented him from owning a gun — but were not registered.

Investigators said there still is no conclusive motive for the shooting, noting McRae did not have any personal or professional connection to the university. At the time of his death, he had a blood alcohol content level of .04 (Michigan’s legal limit of .08) and had THC in his system.

The shooting remains under investigation.