EAST LANSING, Mich. (WOOD) — Quinn Patrick and Alex Janetski narrowly missed going to Michigan State University’s Student Union Monday where one student was tragically killed. 

Two other students were killed at Berkey Hall and five were critically injured.

Patrick and Janetski typically stop by the Union, but that evening they chose to go straight to IM East for a basketball game instead, where they were alerted about an active shooter on MSU’s campus. 

Both students are sophomores at Michigan State University. The pair caught their escape from IM East on video.

“Holy cow, we were just there,” Janetski said. “So all of the management and the referees in IM East quickly got us to the rooms as fast as they could and said that no one can move, we are locked down in place.”

A large group of students went into a small racquetball room and barricaded the door using anything heavy.

“We had a scanner right next to us the entire time trying to hear an update on the situation, where it was happening, what was going on,” Janetski said.

Patrick also captured the group of students’ escape from IM East on his phone.

“Genuinely I was scared and thought maybe this can be like proof if something were to happen,” Patrick said. “If any of us were to get injured, or actually that person outside trying to get in, I would have that in case to show anyone evidence.”

The students verified police were at the door, thanking the officers who rescued the students yet still running for their lives. 

“We we’re scared to be outside too because that is where…” says Janetski. 

“He’s out there, like he wasn’t caught yet. Like he could have been anywhere,” Patrick said. 

Police found the active shooter, 43-year-old Anthony McRae, about 5 miles north of campus. He shot and killed himself.

Patrick and Alex drove off campus to a friend’s house, but their thoughts are with everyone impacted by this tragedy.

“I am sorry to all the families and students out there who got affected. Sending a lot of love and I couldn’t imagine,” Patrick said.