EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Michigan State University is the latest Big Ten school to announce plans to sell alcohol at sporting events.

The news came Wednesday morning after a unanimous approval by the Board of Trustees. MSU is the 13th school in its conference to make the change.

Beer, seltzer and hard cider could be on the shelves of concession stands in Spartan Stadium as early as an hour before kickoff against Washington on Sept. 16.

“I just turned 21, so I’m going to have some fun at games,” MSU student Ryan Dysangco said.

If you’re thinking more alcohol might not be the best idea, campus security said that’s not the case.

“Statics from peer institutions do show that just because alcohol is sold at an event, that doesn’t increase the amount of alcohol-related incidents,” said Dana Whyte, spokesperson for the MSU Department of Police and Public Safety.

MSU officials said recent data from peer institutions showed regulating the purchase of alcohol during athletic events reduces binge drinking and alcohol-related incidents. They said it’s because alcohol sales at events make it unnecessary for spectators to excessively consume alcohol beforehand. In the first year of sales, alcohol-related incidents at Ohio State University, Indiana University and the University of Iowa decreased by 30% or more, according to the institutions’ reports.

Students agreed that the new policy wouldn’t create additional problems.

“I think it’s all relative. If you’re a knucklehead, you’re going to be a knucklehead regardless of whether you can buy a drink inside of the stadium or not,” MSU senior Mary-Elizabeth Williams said. “I just think they need to be up on security and making sure everybody is staying safe.”

All alcohol sales will end 10 game-time minutes in the second half. Officials said it’s in the name of safety.

“We want to ensure our community that we are here on campus during all game days, whether that’s football or another athletic event, and we want to assure our community that we are here to keep everyone safe,” Whyte, the campus security spokesperson, said. “So even with the sale of alcohol, that doesn’t increase the amount of alcohol-related incidents, we will have our officers here ready to keep our community safe.”

Now that Spartan Stadium is set to start sales, officials said, other venues will follow, like the Breslin Center, Munn Ice Arena and Old College Field.