MULLIKEN, Mich. (WOOD) — The quiet nature of the village of Mulliken along the Eaton-Iona county border is one of the things that brought Nathan and Abby Staley here two years ago.

So it was out of the ordinary for Abby Staley to hear sirens just before 5:30 a.m. Wednesday. That was only the beginning.

As a police chase came to an end outside the Staleys’ home on Charlotte Street near W. Grand Ledge Highway, an Ionia County sheriff’s deputy shot and killed a suspect.

“Heard a crash and then a bunch of pops — gun shots,” Abby Staley described. “Again, not normal around here.”

She crept to the window. Just across the street was a crashed Ionia County Sheriff’s Office SUV and a black pickup truck.

“The sheriff was still kind of like following the car: it was slowly creeping through and then eventually stopped. He was still squaring up with the car, but I couldn’t see a driver or anything moving in the car,” Abby Staley said.

She called her husband, who had just left for work. As he headed home, her curiosity turned to fear when she looked out into her enclosed front porch.

“(I) realized that there was a hole in the glass,” she said.

That hole was likely caused by gunfire.

“I’m kind blank at this moment, you know. It’s overwhelming,” Abby Staley said hours later.

“It’s wild,” Nathan Staley added. “I mean, we live in Mulliken.”

Michigan State Police said the situation started when the Ionia County deputy was dispatched to investigate a stolen vehicle. The deputy spotted the stolen pickup, at which point a chase began. That chase continued into Clinton County and ended in Eaton County.

Once the pursuit reached Mulliken, MSP said the suspect put his truck in reverse and rammed the deputy’s SUV. MSP it said constituted felonious assault to a police officer.

It’s at that point the deputy opened fire, shooting and killing the suspect.

The deputy was not hurt.

MSP did not release the names of either the man killed or the deputy.

MSP detectives are conducting an investigation of the shooting and the deputy, who has worked with the Ionia County Sheriff’s Office for two years, was put on administrative leave until that investigation is complete. Once complete, detectives will turn their investigation over to the Eaton County Prosecutor’s Office for review. All of that is standard procedure.

An officer from the city of Portland was also involved in the chase. None of the officers in the chase were injured.