GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Supporters of new legislation that would bring a film tax credit back to Michigan are hoping the measure can make the state a destination for filmmakers once again.

Bill Latka with the Michigan Film Industry Association board said this could be a huge opportunity for Michigan. He said Michigan has a lot to offer in terms of location but not having a tax credit means Michigan can’t compete with the 40 other states that do.

Latka said many business sectors could benefit from companies making movies and commercials here, including catering, lodging, makeup and hair professionals, construction workers and electricians.

Unlike the film rebate program that was in place for five years, the proposed bill is a film credit up to 30%, which means Michigan gets 70% of the revenue.

The bills are currently in committees in the House and the Senate.

For the full conversation with Bill Latka, watch the video in the player above.