GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — For a 16th time, one nonprofit is looking for the biggest tree in the state of Michigan.

ReLeaf Michigan, which helps organize tree plantings across the state, is asking you to compete in the Michigan Big Tree Hunt contest. The contest has been happening biennially since it started in 1993.

The idea behind the contest is to help ReLeaf account for not only the types of trees in the state but the number and size of them. Awards will be handed out to the biggest trees found in each Michigan county.

All trees that are submitted will need to be alive and available for verification by an official with the contest. The size of the tree will be measured by the circumference of the trunk.

Many trees have already been added to the registry and are therefore not eligible for this contest. You can view those particular trees here.

To register a tree and enter the contest, click here. The contest runs through the next 12 months.