DETROIT (AP) — The Michigan Supreme Court has suspended a Detroit-area judge accused of covering up her son’s abuse of his children.

The court on Monday censured and suspended Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Tracy Green for six months without pay, the Detroit News reported.

The Judicial Tenure Commission, which serves as a watchdog over Michigan’s judiciary, filed a misconduct complaint against Green in 2020.

Before becoming a judge, Green was aware that her son was striking two sons with a belt and slapping them, the complaint states. She applied makeup to conceal the injuries, the commission alleged.

In 2019, after Green became a judge, she was questioned by commission staff and denied knowing about abuse “under any circumstances.” She also made false statements while testifying in juvenile court, the complaint states.

The commission ultimately recommended the state Supreme Court remove her from the bench. The court declined to follow that recommendation, saying removing her from office would be a disproportionate response, the Detroit News reported.

Green has insisted she did nothing wrong and that her grandsons were lying about their father abusing them. Green’s judicial assistant answered an Associated Press telephone call to Green’s office Wednesday. She said she had no way of reaching the judge.