GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Michigan did not score well in the latest road safety report released by a national advocacy group.

Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety released the Roadmap to Safety report on Tuesday. Michigan is one of nine states ‘in the red’ for not having strict enough safety laws in a number of areas, including teen driving rules, child passenger safety and seat belt and helmet laws.

One of the speakers at a Tuesday news conference about the report was Rana Abbas Taylor. Her sister, her sister’s husband and their three children were all killed when a wrong-way drunk driver hit their car in 2019.

The Michigan woman said that driver changed her life and her world.

“It would take me six months to feel safe leaving my home. A year to go out in public again. I just wanted to disappear from a world I no longer recognized or felt a part of,” Taylor said. “I didn’t just lose my family that day. I lost the person I was when they existed. Everything about me had been erased or permanently altered.”

She spoke on behalf of Mothers Against Drunk Driving to push for new laws to use technology to stop drunk drivers.

“I learned something that shook me wide awake: We can indeed eliminate drunk driving through existing technology,” Taylor said. “The fact is, advanced technology exists and it can not only decrease but prevent these devastating crashes entirely.”

Taylor emphasized that new federal rules are scheduled to go into place within the next five years to require all new cars have impaired driver prevention technology.

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