CHICAGO (WOOD) — A man who was kidnapped as a baby from a Chicago hospital in 1964 has been found living in Michigan.

Paul Joseph Fronczak, now 55, has been discovered in rural Michigan.

Federal investigators refused to provide further details regarding where the man lives.

“Several years ago, the FBI reopened the investigation into the disappearance of Paul Joseph Fronczak. Our investigation into this matter remains ongoing as we continue to pursue all leads. We ask for privacy for the victims as we continue to investigate the facts surrounding this case,” FBI spokesperson Siobhan Johnson told News 8 in a statement Wednesday.

Fronczak has been told of his true identity but is not prepared to go public.

The story began on April 26, 1964, when a woman named Dora Fronczak gave birth to a baby boy at the now shuttered Michael Reese Hospital in Chicago.

The next day, a woman dressed as a nurse came into Dora’s room and took away the baby, reportedly to be examined by a doctor. But the woman and baby – Paul Joseph Fronczak – never returned.

Their disappearance sparked the largest manhunt of its kind in Chicago’s history involving 175,000 postal workers, 200 police officers and the FBI who searched hundreds of homes within hours of the crime.

Nearly two years later, the FBI contacted Dora and Chester Fronczak about a toddler who’d been found abandoned at a shopping center in Newark, New Jersey. There was little concrete evidence, but investigators thought the child might be the missing baby.

The Fronczaks raised the New Jersey toddler as their own son. But in 2012, the man who grew up as Paul Joseph Fronczak discovered through DNA testing that he is not related to Dora and Chester.

The man who lived his life as Paul Joseph Fronczak for decades now resides in Henderson, Nevada.

Upon learning he was not the kidnapped newborn, he reached out to investigative journalist George Knapp at News 8’s sister station, KLAS, in Las Vegas. The story went national and genealogy detectives began investigating the Fronczak case.

Genetic geneologist CeCe Moore with DNA Detectives determined in 2015 that the man who grew up as Paul Joseph Fronczak was really Jack Rosenthal and he was six months older than he thought.

On Dec. 12, Knapp broke the story that genetic testing had led to the identification of the real Paul Joseph Fronczak.