GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — State regulators reported that Michigan casinos made some $89.2 million on online gambling in the month of February.

During the month of February, casinos and their online platform partners made $79.7 million in internet gaming and $9.5 million in sports betting. A total of $301.9 million passed through operators’ hands for the period, they said.

Internet gaming and sports betting opened in Michigan on Jan. 22.

“Michigan residents and visitors continued to show strong interest in internet gaming and sports betting during a snowy and cold February,” said Richard S. Kalm, Michigan Gaming Control Board executive director. “The internet gaming taxes more than tripled, but that’s what we expected with a full month of gaming. This means more funding for the City of Detroit, K-12 education, economic development and tribal communities.”

The Michigan Gaming Control Board says the state took in $14.1 million in online gaming tax revenue for the month of February: $14 million from internet gaming and $142,240 from internet sports betting.

Detroit’s three casinos also paid $4,394,176 in city taxes and service fees, with $4,303,875 coming from internet gaming and $90,301 coming for internet sports betting.

Tribal casinos paid $1,336,633 to the tribes’ governing bodies.

More details on online gambling results can be found on the MGCB’s website.