LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — Workers at the Michigan state capitol began installing metal detectors at key entrances to find anyone trying to bring a weapon or explosives into the building.

The Michigan State Capitol Commission wants to ban weapons and explosives in the capitol for the first time in state history. However, to police the proposed policy the Commission ordered the installation of walk-through metal detectors which will set off an alarm if anyone tries to bring in weapons.

Metal detectors installed at Michigan state capitol. (WLNS)

Currently, anyone can enter the capitol and no one would know if they had a weapon if it was concealed. The Commission proposed that concealed weapons would be outlawed and that would have applied to state lawmakers.

When conservative GOP Rep. Angela Rigas found out about the rule she vowed to disobey the rule and attempt to bring her concealed weapon onto the house floor. She argued she had a right to defend herself.

The chair of the commission thought the total ban was the right thing to do and is now saying he expects later this month the Commission may vote to allow lawmakers to bring guns into the building.

Metal detectors installed at Michigan state capitol. (WLNS)

Michigan taxpayers are paying a $170,000 lease for this equipment. The legislature and governor recently passed a $5 million budget to hire more State Police to monitor the detectors at every entrance.

Training sessions will be held later in August on how to operate them. The new system will be used by the public for the first time the day after Labor Day.