GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Meijer is looking for the next big thing to put on their shelves and they’re turning to the community to find it.

The Meijer Lift Local Supplier Event is an opportunity for local businesses to get their products on Meijer shelves.

During the virtual event in July Meijer wants to hear from local businesses and growers who will pitch their wares.

Meijer is putting out the call for small business manufacturers and growers of grocery items including fresh, deli and bakery, baby products, beauty and personal care, and over the counter and wellness products.

The event is open to people and small businesses in Meijer’s six-state footprint, including Michigan.

“We’re looking for all of it. When you think about how product goes to market; it’s innovation, it’s things the community may not even know that they want until they see. We’re looking to understand who’s out there doing what,” said Carla Hendon, the supplier diversity and indirect procurement director.

This is the second year for this initiative. In the past, Meijer has partnered with businesses that make candles, home goods and even local authors.

“It’s important to Meijer because it’s important to our customers. It’s important for us to support our local economy as well as the businesses that are in our community,” said Hendon.

Last September, Meijer partnered with Start Garden to take pitches from member of BIPOC communities.

Hendon said if an item isn’t quite ready to go on the market, sometimes Meijer staff will mentor the small business and help them along the way.

The virtual event will be held July 19 through July 21 but you must register by May 20.