GRAND RAPIDS Mich. (WOOD) — Happy 185th birthday, Michigan!

The Mitten State is celebrating the day it became the 26th state to enter the union, and News 8 is looking back at the history of how that happened.

In 1622, French explore Étienne Brûlé was the first European to arrive in the area. He helped pave the way for French control of the area.

The land was originally founded by the French and became part of French Canada from 1668 to 1763. Following the French and Indian War, the area now known as Michigan was given to the British in 1763 after New France was defeated in the war.

Under British control, the area saw many wars between Europeans and the Native Americans in the area.

“The British forces held out under the leadership of Henry Gladwin, however, and eventually the indigenous resistance succumbed, allowing the region to stay under British control,” the encyclopedia Britannica said.

The area that would become Michigan was awarded to the United States in 1783 and became part of the newly created Northwest Territory in 1787.

Eighteen years later, the Michigan Territory was separated from Indiana, and Detroit became the capital. The capital was later surrendered to the British early in the War of 1812 and restored under American rule in late 1813 with the victory at the Battle of Lake Erie.

In 1835, the territory of Michigan established a constitution. It would be the first of four constitutions for the territory that would become the state of Michigan.

Statehood for the Michigan Territory was delayed by the Toledo War which focused on the area of land that was known as the Toledo Strip. The ordinance which established the Northwest Territory ruled that the land should go to Michigan, but Ohio also wanted it. Michigan eventually gave the strip to Ohio and was awarded the Upper Peninsula in return.

The Act, which admitted Michigan into the union, was proposed on June 15, 1836 and established a northern boundary for Ohio and laid out the conditions needed to become a state.

Michigan needed to have a convention of delegates which were elected by Michigan residents to draw up the boundaries for Michigan. This was established on Dec. 15, 1836.

The Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America approved the act after all requirements were met on Jan. 26, 1837.

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