GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Eight people who authorities say were running a drug trafficking operation through southwestern Michigan have been sentenced, most of them to prison.

Ivan Hernandez, 33, of New Buffalo was at the center of the trafficking ring. Federal authorities say he used connections in Chicago to get drugs from Mexico and then moved them to dealers in West Michigan and northern Indiana.

Hernandez was sentenced to seven years, three months in a federal prison. His sentence was the longest of the eight suspects.

The last sentencing was Monday. Adrian Antunez, 35, a Mexican national living in Chicago, was sent to prison for three years, 10 months for conspiracy to distribute cocaine.

The other six sentences include:

  • Juan Camarillo, 37, of Michigan City, Indiana: Four years, nine months in prison.
  • Santiago Cardenas, 41, of Michigan City: Probation and a fine.
  • Manuel Eudave, 54, of LaPorte, Indiana: A fine.
  • Marcus Johnson, 41, of Benton Harbor: Three years, 10 months in prison.
  • Henry Nichols, 41, of Greenville, South Carolina: Three years in prison.
  • Donald Rogers, 62, of New Buffalo: A year and a day in prison.

The eight suspects were arrested in November 2021 as officers from a number of departments carried out search warrants in Michigan, Indiana and Illinois. Federal authorities say their bust yielded 1.5 kilograms of cocaine, about $100,000 in cash, six vehicles and two guns.