GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Mechanical issues on a support boat have stopped a Holland swimmer from attempting to swim across Lake Michigan. 

Bryan Huffman has successfully swum across the English Channel, and swimming across Lake Michigan was his next challenge. He was expected to swim Saturday through Sunday, but due to mechanical failure on the support boat, he was unable to complete the swim.

“We are all safe, but very disappointed. All of us are grateful for your support,” a post on his Facebook page said in part.

He and his team headed to Manitowoc, Wisconsin, and headed to Rawley Point Saturday morning, where he began his swim. He was expected to arrive at Ludington Park on Sunday morning or afternoon. It’s unclear how far into the swim the issues began.

Last week, Jim “the Shark” Dreyer was pulled from the water during his attempt to swim across the lake, due to dangerous conditions.

Huffman’s swim was raising funds for free swim lessons for kids at the Holland Aquatic Center. He has raised more than $12 thousand through his fundraiser and increased his fundraising goal to $50 thousand. Huffman said that he would be thrilled to complete this swim and help kids who cannot afford swim lessons. 

“We’re trying to raise money to pay for swim lessons for kids. The initial goal is just to pay for scholarships for kids who aren’t able to afford swim lessons, but the ultimate goal for me would be if we could do something like Vicki Keith did and raise the kind of funds that would pay for swim lessons for any kid who shows up at the aquatic center forever,” Huffman said.