LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — The former Battle Creek fire chief has been sworn in to his new role as head of the fire department in Lansing.

After going through six different fire chiefs in a span of roughly five years, the city of Lansing chose Brian Sturdivant to lead the department. On Wednesday morning, he was sworn in at the Lansing City Hall.

It’s a position Sturdivant says he’s honored to have. He said he understands the challenges that lie ahead.

“I’m very, very, blessed to be in this position, so my positive energy is going to carry us through a lot of the work that we have to do,” Sturdivant said. “We need to galvanize the troops, we need to connect with the community, city hall, city stakeholders, it’s gonna be a lot of hard work but we’re gonna have a lot of fun doing it”

Sturdivant has served at a number of fire departments around the country: including in Georgia, Arizona, California, Virginia and finally in Battle Creek. He spent some of his childhood in Lansing, so he says returning as the fire chief is full circle.

But he has a lot of work ahead of him. A recent independent review on the fire department claims it’s not a cohesive and unified body and has racial issues, among other concerns.

Sturdivant said he’s the man for the job to get the department back on track. He said he is meeting with city officials, firefighters, department officials and others to get their perspectives on how to move the department forward. He said that in the next coming months, he’ll create a strategic plan for the fire department based on those conversations.