GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — Quick work by employees at a Michigan gas station prevented what could have been a major fire over the weekend.

Firefighters responded to a call at the Beacon and Bridge Market in Clam Lake Township, about 3 miles south of Cadillac. A car parked at a gas pump had caught fire. An employee at the gas station was able to trigger the emergency shutoff, pulling fuel from the pumps before the fire could spread.

  • A car is on fire while parked next to a gas pump. You can see flames across the car and thick, black smoke pouring out.
  • The charred out remains of a car sits next to a damaged gas pump. The ground, blackened by the fire, is wet. And a fire hose snakes along the ground.
  • The charred remains of a car sits next to a gas pump at a gas station. In the background, a firefighter gathers up the fire hose.
  • Firefighters walk around a gas station where a car caught fire at a gas pump.
  • Two firefighters begin to pack up their equipment after responding to a fire at a gas station.

The Local 704 IAFF Union of Cadillac Firefighters said firefighters were able to put the fire out quickly and stayed on scene for 30 minutes to make sure it didn’t spark again. Several pumps at the gas station were damaged and the car was destroyed, but no one was hurt.

The pumps remain shut down while investigators try to piece together exactly what caused the fire.