EAST LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — The East Lansing Police Department held a press conference Thursday to release video of the officer-involved shooting on April 25.

A 21-year-old man from Lansing was shot by police at Meijer on Lake Lansing Rd. on Monday, April 25 and was taken to the hospital for his injuries.

The suspect was eventually released from the hospital and was lodged at the Ingham County Jail.

Michigan State Police added that the suspect was in police custody on a probation violation warrant.


The video played by East Lansing Police started with the 9-1-1 call, in which the dispatcher said the man had a gun but was not threatening anyone with it.

Next, police played video from the top of the store. The video was blurry from that angle and far away, however at one point you see a man with black and yellow clothes weaving in and out of the cars. Then you see the man fall to the ground.

Then police played the body cam footage of one of the officers. At first you hear two gun shots, a pause and then at least four more shots.

In the second body cam video, an officer starts in their car and then meets the man outside the store. He follows the man and is crouched behind a car. Then you see the man run and the officer fires shots at him and the man drops.

Courtesy East Lansing Police Department

The officers handcuff the man, and then examine his wounds. The man can be heard screaming as officers rendered aid.

The next body cam video starts with officers walking through Meijer. Then you hear the shots in the video and the officer runs to the area and handcuffs the man on the ground.

The officer in the fourth body cam video can be seen repeatedly looking for a gun that officers said the man had. Eventually, he found a gun underneath one of the cars in the area.

6 News Reporter Sarah Al-Shaikh began the questioning by asking why it took 10 days to release the video. Chief Johnson said that they had a lot of redacting to do.

Johnson also said that the officers will not be named until the investigation is completed by the Michigan State Police.


It all started around 6:30 p.m. on April 25, when officers with the East Lansing Police Department (ELPD) were sent to the Meijer at 1350 W. Lake Lansing Road for a weapons complaint.

A caller told police a man pulled a gun out of a car, stuck it in his pocket and went into the store.

When officers got to the store, they saw a man that matched the description given by the caller.

A chase started and both the officers and the man left the store, and when the officers came in contact with the man, shots were fired, according to police.

The man was hit and later taken to the hospital, where police say he is now stable. According to ELPD, no one else was injured.

Officials also said a weapon was retrieved at the scene.

However, family members tell 6 News they believe the shooting was uncalled for. They say he was doing nothing wrong and they believe he was targeted for his race.

“He had his hands in the air, and they continued to shoot him,” said his aunt, Charity VanAtten.

“I seen him on the floor and I’m just screaming telling them to stop shooting stop shooting,” said his girlfriend, Katy.

At an East Lansing Police Oversight Commission special meeting on Thursday, April 28, ELPD Chief Kim Johnson said he had not seen the video yet.

At the meeting, the commissioners voted unanimously that the videos should be released between 3-7 days. That was a week ago.