GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — There’s an effort to help revive a rural destination in northwestern Michigan that decades ago was a lively resort town that drew thousands each year.

Lake County’s Idlewild, near Baldwin, used to be a popular stop for Black vacationers during the Jim Crow area, when many vacation spots were still segregated.

Now, Kristian Grant and Michael Buxton are working to rehab cottages in the area in an effort to attract people back to a place with a rich history that’s worth exploring.

“My grandfather and my uncle built property up there. They were there during the heyday of Idlewild,” Grant told News 8 Friday. “My dad was really young, but every summer, that’s where my family spent their time. So I’ve grown up hearing those stories and I’m just really excited about being part of the story of rebuilding.”

She and Buxton purchased three cottages that will begin welcoming guests in April. 

“Knowing all the people, now famous, used to go up there and do a lot of gigs, a lot of shows… This is going to be some excitement for friends, family and fun,” Buxton said of the retreat-like feel they’re aiming to create for guests.

To learn more about the project and to sign up for updates, you can visit there B&G Cottages website. The site includes information about how to reserve a spot ahead of time.