LANSING, Mich. (WLNS) — A Michigan judge has denied an effort to disqualify herself from overseeing a lawsuit from Planned Parenthood of Michigan.

The lawsuit is currently blocking the enforcement of a 1931 law in Michigan that bans abortion in most circumstances.

Republican members of the Michigan House of Representatives and Senate sought to disqualify Judge Elizabeth Gleicher, a Court of Claims judge, over donations she made to Planned Parenthood of Michigan, among other things.

Gleicher said that she was randomly assigned the case and disclosed that she makes yearly contributions to Planned Parenthood of Michigan.

“My contributions have never exceeded $1,000 per calendar year,” Gleicher said. “My last contribution was made in December 2021, long before I was assigned this case.”

Gleicher also referenced the Republican Party of Minn v. White case, which she said the United States Supreme Court ruled that the First Amendment protects the right of state court judges to express opinions on disputed political subjects.

Ultimately, Gleicher denied the request to remove herself from the case.

“Intervening defendants have failed to demonstrate that my previous contributions to Planned Parenthood reasonably and seriously risk my actual bias impacting their due-process rights as enunciated in Caperton, or that I have failed to adhere to the appearance of impropriety standard set forth in Canon 2 of the Michigan Code of Judicial Conduct. Their motion for my disqualification is therefore DENIED,” Gleicher said in her opinion.