GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) — If you’re curious about what life is like on a farm, you can get a true sense of it by planning an agricultural adventure. The Michigan Agritourism Association has just released its 2023 directory to help people experience and learn more about “Michigan Farm Fun.”

The directory offers many experiences in regions all over the state from which to choose.

“Well, there’s goat yoga that has become pretty popular. So you do yoga with the goats,” said Lorri Schreiber from the Michigan Agritourism Association. “There’s a lavender farm and they do lavender yoga. And there’s also the traditional things like the corn mazes and the pumpkin patches, cider and donuts, but there’s also really cool things like dining at the farm and farm stays.”

Schreiber told News 8 that the experiences also have educational value.

“I think it’s really great to have our children learning about the farm and where our food comes from,” Schreiber said. “They have opportunities for children to feed animals out of bottles and go to camps and really do almost everything you can think of you can do on the farm.”

The guide is broken up into different regions in the state so that wherever you are, you can find activities near you.

Schreiber said the Michigan Agritourism Association’s “amazing” website offers opportunities to search by activity, too.

“I think, you know, several years ago, the word agritourism — I don’t think people really understood it then,” Schreiber said. “But now it’s becoming more and more popular. Basically you’re taking agriculture and tourism. So if there’s a farm that is open to the public for activities, that’s agritourism. And every year, we see a huge increase of people going to the farms and we see the farms adding more and more experiences.”

There are also farm fresh products available for purchase.

The 2023 Agritourism Directory is available at Farm Bureau offices, welcome centers and participating farms. A digital copy is available online.