GREEN TOWNSHIP, Mich. (WOOD) — In a vote Tuesday night, people living in Green Township in Mecosta County have decided all five of their board members will be replaced.

Over the summer, a petition was filed by voters claiming the board wasn’t listening to the voice of the people when it came to the building of a controversial electric vehicle battery plant by Chinese-owned Gotion.

A petition was filed by voters to recall the Green Township supervisor, clerk, treasurer and two trustees after claims that the township wasn’t listening to the public when it came to Gotion. However, the township supervisor said that isn’t the case.

Tuesday night, voters chose to replace all five board members. Some of those members showed up to the township hall to clean out their offices on election night. They declined to comment.

Also on the the ballot was whether to create a planning commission. It did not pass.

The Gotion plant has been a topic of discussion for months now in the Big Rapids area. One man who lives nearby said it has created a divide between residents: Those who want to see the plant built and those who want nothing to do with it.

Tuesday night, News 8 spoke with Lori Brock, who helped the start the petition. She says since speaking out about Gotion, she has received death threats and had signs in her yard taken down.

“We’re moving forward with lawsuits against Gotion. We prepared ourselves a long time ago for a couple-year battle with them, and so we’re ready for it,” Brock said.

“The new board is ready and waiting to go into effect. They want to clean up the township and actually, you know, do some positive things for the community. Be accountable, be transparent. We need that, we really do. These people that are set up are amazing people, each one of them cares, each one of them is invested in this community, and I think they’re going to do a phenomenal job,” Brock said.

News 8 also reached out to the Green Township supervisor for comment but has not yet heard back.

The Green Township clerk said the election will be certified Wednesday around 1 p.m. and the new board members could start as soon as certification is finished.