BENTON HARBOR, Mich. (WOOD) — City leaders in Benton Harbor spoke in front of the Berrien County Courthouse and hung a wreath at the St. Joseph pier Tuesday to mark the 31st anniversary of the death of Eric McGinnis.

The 16-year-old died on May 17, 1991. His body was found in the St. Joseph River. It was originally ruled an accidental drowning but in April of this year Michigan’s attorney general said it was a homicide.

The person identified by the attorney general as the main suspect in the case died in 2003.

Benton Harbor Mayor Marcus Muhammad on Tuesday said he believes more should be done before Michigan Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel closes the case.

“We need to turn over every nook and cranny as it relates to this case because to say it was a homicide and close it, that’s not enough,” Benton Harbor Mayor Marcus Muhammad said. “It’s not a mockery because we’re grateful for the attorney general for coming in and making it known that it was not an accidental drowning. But to call it a homicide and hold nobody accountable, that’s a miscarriage of justice.”

He said he wants the state attorney general to look into Berrien County District Court Judge Dennis Wiley, who was serving as the Berrien County Prosecuting Attorney at the time of McGinnis’ death. Muhammad believes witness testimony and other evidence brought before Wiley’s office was ignored during the initial investigation.

According to a memo released from the attorney general’s office, testimony from the original case and new eyewitness accounts were used by special investigators when they reopened the case late last year, eventually leading them to determine it as a homicide.

“(He) conveniently allowed for ‘accidental drowning’, ‘no foul play’ to become the narrative and it ruled for 30 years. … At what point are prosecutors going to be held accountable for misconduct?” Muhammad said. “I ask you, did Eric’s life matter? It did. But to those in power, justice did not matter.”

With the case now classified as a homicide, the family of Eric McGinnis is still debating on whether to exhume his body for an independent autopsy, according to their attorney.

News 8’s coverage of this case continues Wednesday with a Target 8 investigation. You can watch that special report — The Death of Eric McGinnis — Wednesday night on The Seven.