LANSING, Mich. (AP/WOOD) — Michigan wildlife regulators are offering some reminders for deer hunters who shortly will take to the woods and fields for firearms season.

The season runs from Nov. 15-30. 

The Department of Natural Resources advises wearing hunter orange clothing.

A deer or deer combo license can be bought online or through a license agent. Antlerless deer licenses for public and private lands are still available.

Hunters should be aware of antler point restrictions and rules on baiting and feeding.

Those who bring their deer to a DNR check station can get a deer cooperator patch.

And deer registration is mandatory in the 17 southern Michigan townships that make up the core chronic wasting disease area.


Hunting pumps more than $2.3 billion into Michigan’s economy each year, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The majority of that – an estimated $1.3 billion – is how much hunters spend on equipment.

Restaurants and hotels also benefit from hunting season, which is expected to draw 525,000 people into Michigan’s woods and fields this year.

In addition, leisure travel spending on hunting nationwide reached an estimated $123.8 million last year, according to D.K. Shifflet.

The DNR estimates more than 90 percent of hunters statewide will pursue deer this year, spending an average of seven days on the hunt this firearm season.

Last year, 63,900 new customers purchased hunting licenses in Michigan, according to the DNR.